• “My whole family, including young children, teenagers and husband have done yoga with Johanna over many years and we would highly recommend her.  Her classes are fun, challenging and relaxing. You always come out feeling refreshed and positive and wanting to come back for more.

    Johanna is always supportive and encouraging and will help you to push forward to increase your stamina and flexibility.  Sadly Johanna has left the UK and I know a lot of her clients will miss her wonderful good nature and great classes. I would really encourage others to meet Johanna and try her classes for themselves.”

    Diana Cadogan

  • “Johanna's yoga classes were a real treat and I always emerged feeling physically and mentally refreshed. She's a very supportive teacher, ensuring everyone in the class feels at ease and can practice to their ability, and she leads you through the poses and flows clearly. I also attended her wonderful pregnancy classes - it was great to spend time nurturing my changing body (I was still practising with her at 41 weeks!) and certainly helped prepare me for labour and beyond. Both my children loved going to her parent and baby classes and the action songs we learnt there became some of our favourites - we still do them now. My favourite thing was the way Johanna managed to incorporate some yoga for the parent, some activities for the baby, and some that you both do together. It was lovely being able to focus on my baby in that way and I remember our yoga with Johanna as a very special time"

    Christine Jenkins

  • "I met Johanna through her pregnancy yoga class which was a chance to take some time out for me and baby and to relax, whilst also helping my body and mind prepare for birth. I have since enjoyed Johanna's classes at different times over the past 7 years and have always loved practising yoga with her. Johanna has a very calming personality and completely puts people at ease. She makes sure that the practice is suitable for everyone in the class and gives options depending on ability or the type of day you've had. I leave her sessions feeling a combination of challenged, relaxed and/or invigorated. The variety in her sessions keeps it interesting and fun. I will miss Johanna and her yoga greatly."

    Victoria Tiplady

  • "I have been doing yoga for over 20 years, both in the US and UK.  I was so fortunate to find Johanna as an instructor several years ago, and even more fortunate that her wonderfully created home studio was in my neighbourhood.  Johanna has that rare combination in an instructor to combine all the best elements --breath, body, mind, spirit--into an amazing practice that always left me calm, stretched, energized, strong, and re-focused all at once.  She has a wonderful and knowing nature, and her students and classes always had a lovely communal energy. For a variety of scheduling conflicts, I had given up my practice with Johanna for a time, but recently went back, and going back reinforced and reminded me what a fabulous teacher she is. So, London's loss is Copenhagen's gain, we miss her here, but know she will create a new community with the same spirit in her new home."

    Diana MacLean

  • “I went to Johanna for pregnancy yoga and then for mother and baby yoga when my son Jack was born. Both classes were excellent but in particular, I really found the pregnancy yoga to be helpful; I had recently had a hip operation and the gentle instruction enabled me to remain mobile during a rather drawn out pregnancy! The class was in the evening and I have never slept so well as I did after those classes – even at 40 weeks pregnant! I would highly recommend Johanna, she is one of the kindest and thoughtful people you will meet and very sensitive to ensure that everybody taking classes with her gets the most out of their practice.”

    Lucy Barry

  • “I met Johanna when I was some 30 weeks pregnant when joining her pregnancy yoga class and I continued my yoga journey with her through baby yoga when my daughter was small and then dynamic yoga when she was older and I could go on my own to practice. I love Johanna’s combination of challenging poses and calm and relaxing end to her classes and I always felt energised after practice.”

    Natalie Edwards

  • "I have practiced yoga with Johanna for many years and have hugely enjoyed her classes. They have been calm, but fun, and always adapted to the students needs and moods on that day. Johanna creates a warm, nurturing environment and makes you forget all your troubles (for an hour at least!)."

    Emma Southwell

  • “Being a regular student in Johanna’s pre and postnatal classes in London helped me develop a new outlook on perinatal health and motherhood at a time, when I became a first time mum. I was already a keen yogi before I started pregnancy classes with Johanna. She has a calm and warmhearted way of teaching, and was very understanding of individual needs during class. I felt very safe throughout any of her classes, and the breathing techniques I learnt were incredibly helpful during childbirth. There was no question that I would also attend her postnatal yoga classes where Johanna would integrate a harmonious practice for both babies and mums. Johanna teaches yoga classes based on mindfulness, that felt to me like flowing meditation, as she would ensure correct breathing techniques and alignment. I would come out of her classes feeling relaxed and knowing I had done a good workout too. Furthermore, Johanna is passionate about perinatal yoga, childbirth and motherhood which is a very important when you look for an understanding yoga teacher that can help you maintain practice during pregnancy and motherhood. Now that I have become a yoga teacher myself, I can say that Johanna’s teaching was a true inspiration. If you have the opportunity to attend Johanna’s yoga classes, go for it!”

    Elisabeth Do Lam

  • “I hadn't previously done a lot of yoga but I was keen to start during my first pregnancy. Johanna ran a fantastic class - calming and relaxing which is exactly what I needed at this time. Not only was the yoga great, but the small group was a great way to share pregnancy information and stories. Had it not been for Johanna moving to Denmark, I would have loved to continue attending her other yoga classes.”

    Juliet Schloegl

  • "Johanna is a fantastic yoga teacher - fun, dynamic and knowledgeable. Her dynamic yoga classes are a great work out, with plenty of variety, enabling you to challenge yourself if wanted. Her pregnancy yoga classes are perfect for relaxing during pregnancy but also for keeping active. She is also a great listener and can offer plenty of good advice during and after pregnancy. London misses her!"

    Maria de Leon

  • “Johanna is a rare find amongst the proliferating number of yoga teachers in West London. In larger groups she has the ability to challenge, reposition, stretch and support the people in her class. If you are not on it one class she will understand and keep a watchful eye, stretching you without you knowing it. She us non judgemental but is happy when she sees and feels improvement. In smaller classes she works with the group with a mix of styles including vinyasa, hatha and ashtanga. Very eclectic, well planned and keeps you interested in learning, improved flexibility and strength just happens. Being older at 61 I felt stronger, bouncier and extremely comfortable doing yoga with Joanna. Our loss is your gain.”

    Vivien Longley

  • “I did my pregnancy and then baby yoga with Johanna. It was wonderful, gentle, womanly escapism and made a big difference to me both mentally and physically. Thank you.x”

    Lindsey Miller

  • “I was very lucky to get a place on Johanna's pregnancy yoga course.  Not only was the course helpful in terms of keeping active I also found the meditative and breathing element enormously helpful during labour.  I continued to practice with Johanna once my son was born in the baby yoga class and we both really enjoyed it until I went back to work.”

    Deb Walton

  • “I am a very stiff 70 year old!! I realised that I needed to do something and after trying a few yoga classes in the area stuck with Johanna as she is a fantastic teacher. She let me work at my pace, always being encouraging and yet not pushing me beyond my capabilities. Slowly I managed to get off the floor and carry out the exercises! Johanna is not just a teacher, you feel her karma and gentleness- not a phoney or just yoga teacher- you feel it is a way of life.  I, for one, am very sad that she has left and am struggling to find a replacement!”

    Ania Mlodzianowska

  • "My baby girl and I attended Johanna's mother and baby yoga classes and we had a lovely time. The class was well structured and the pace was relaxed and well suited for new mums and babies. Also the body aches I suffered after pregnancy began to slowly disappear and the class gave me a boost of energy and motivation to continue exercising regularly "

    Federica Alberton

  • “I took private yoga lessons with Johanna for about 6 years and found it really good - I didn’t expect to keep going all that time - I don’t usually stick at things like this, but it was so enjoyable and helped me so much that I just kept going. Johanna took me from being a complete novice through to handling all the moves to the best of my ability, without me ever getting bored - she introduced new and different positions and was very knowledgable about everything. I was quite unhappy when she moved away and I had to change teachers.”

    Felicity Roper

  • “I found Johanna’s melodic instructions relaxing and made it easier to tune out of the constant thought process, which helped being in the present and focusing on the yoga.  She has a natural friendliness, and is always reminding us to let go of the thoughts that crowd our minds, allowing us the be more in tune with the yoga exercises.  Johanna's method of teaching using clear instructions, exemplifies her experience in teaching yoga, rarely faltering….she very good at correcting positions gently without fuss.  I really miss her classes.”

    Tony Esposito

  • “I was so lucky to find Johanna and her gentle flow yoga class. Always a pleasure, never a chore to attend. Always something new in every class with calm, clear, encouraging directions and demonstrations to suit every ability and age and, vital, to choose the level to try that suits how I feel on that particular day.   My 60 year old body never felt more invigorated than after a Johanna class. She is such a professional but with a generous, nurturing style to treat my body and mind. The bonus is she is so beautiful to watch in practice with her dancer's grace and control.”

    Beulah Long

  • “Johanna has taught us family yoga. The sessions are a big hit with my three sons aged 12, 10 and 8 years old, they look forward to them. Johanna makes the classes fun for all of us, adults and children, with enough challenge to keep the kids engaged but not too difficult either. It is a great way for family bonding & to help the children to become more supple and to learn how to relax. I recommend Johanna highly and we will miss her now that she is moving to Copenhagen.”

    Eilis Devendra

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