Yoga and Plant Powered Cooking Workshop

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Saturday, 21st of March from 10.00 to 15.00

Price: 750 dkk

Early Bird (book before 21/01/20): 650 dkk

Do you love yoga & delicious food??  Let’s combine the two!  This is a workshop for anybody interested in incorporating more plant based cooking into their daily lives.  You may already be vegan, flexitarian or perhaps a curious meat eater.  Plant based living has become more and more popular in the last few years with concerns over personal health, the environment and animal welfare.  This workshop is not designed to try to ‘force’ you to go plant based/vegan or feel guilty for not being one.  More importantly, see it as an opportunity to learn about how easy it actually is to incorporate more plants into your daily diet, whether you choose to do so one day a week or every day.

What is included in the price?

  • 90 minute yoga class
  • All food/ingredients, 90-100% organic
  • Hot and cold non alcoholic drinks
  • Goodie bag, including recipes to take home
  • Expect to chop, cook & connect with each other
  • A full belly and satisfied soul when you head home

Some questions that might come up in conversation:

  • Why should I eat more plants?
  • What does yoga have to do with the way I choose to eat?
  • Is it possible to be healthy when eating a plant based diet?
  • What about protein and other nutrients?
  • Can kids thrive on this kind of diet?
  • But being plant based/vegan is expensive, isn’t it?
  • How many days a week should I aim to eat plant based food?
  • But I love baking, surely that’s not possible without eggs, butter and milk?
  • What is the difference between plant based and vegan?
  • Where can I find plant based/vegan products?

Maximum of 8 participants.  Anyone over the age of 16 can attend.  All levels welcome.

My Personal Food Journey: 

For many years I was flexitarian/reducitarian, I ate a predominantly vegetarian diet and opted for meat/fish very occasionally.  I naturally started incorporating more and more plant based meals during 2017 and then cut animal products entirely in early 2018.   The best part is that vegan food can really be delicious!  That is what I want to share with you on this workshop and I’m very excited about it.

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